xbmc 12.1 breaks NASA streams

The Raspberry Pi is a very nice piece of hardware.

One can use it by itself, as a (not so little) 24×7 linux server (it consumes just 3 W !), but connected with a HDMI cable to a TV it can also become a very interesting media center.

There’re some installations available of XBMC for the RPi: OpenELEC, Raspbmc, XBian…

Anyway, last xbmc release (version 12.1) has broken some stream sources. It seems that the problem is related to this:

Anyway it’s marked to be patched not until next version (13.0).

It’s a pity: I will stand with v 12.0 as I love to watch NASA site videos with an addon… and v 12.1 can’t load them: the process just stops without any further actions.

April 27, 2013 Edit:

There’re now raspbmc nightly builds of xbmc v 13 which have this error patched. They can be installed from the raspbmc’s xbmc itself (from raspbmc settings, on Plugins menu).


September, 2013 Edit:

XBMC 12.2 updates available since months ago fix this issue.
It seems that they must be applied along with the kernel updates, or the streaming issues could show up again… So just a nightly build upgrade does not suffice.
Moreover, these fixes change /var/log behaviour (it was -> /tmp, deleted on reboot and limited in size!), which was kind of a concern if the rpi was to be used as a standalone server in addition to just the xbmc use.


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