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continuous tailing of a gzip file (efficiently!)

gztool can extract data from a gzip file at any position, and also do tail and continuous tailing of it ! ( Continue reading


Checking passwords against size-reduced hashes files

There is a website called from which you can download three files (now) in 7z compressed format which contain each one a text file with SHA1 hashes of already hacked password from last years’ hacking known attacks. The uncompressed files are around the double in size of their compressed form… But in fact it … Continue reading


FIFO profit’s stock sell calculation with LibreOffice Calc

The generalisation of spreadsheets use nowadays sometimes hides the fact that these tools aren’t good enough for every imaginable data manipulation. Sometimes people tweak and twist cells in order to achieve results that are simply beyond the possibilities of a spreadsheet application, no matter how powerful. For these occasions, R is probably more suitable. Anyway, … Continue reading