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monitoring php-fpm threads with cacti (via snmp)

PHP-FPM is a technology integrated in PHP since v5.4.0RC2. Its most outstanding feature is its ability to start workers with different uid/gid/chroot/environment. This allows for example for the separation in filesystem (chroot) and processes of different VirtualHosts — as long as they use php. If implemented this way, one can end with multiple separated php-fpm environments, … Continue reading


statistics circle for analysing byte entropy in files

In a previous post I introduced triops, a multiplatform cmdline encryption tool using CHACHA20 algorithm. In general, any encryption algorithm should produce a reasonably high entropic output no matter the input (plain text) at hand — this is in order to be aligned with concepts like Entropic security and Semantic security, very important in modern … Continue reading


triops: a multiplatform cmdline encryption tool using CHACHA + KECCAK

I’ve developed in C a simple command line tool for encryption/decryption of files, which I have named triops. It uses CHACHA20 as algorithm for encryption/decryption and KECCAK-512 as hash algorithm. Source code is available at github. Check github for latest changes! Executables for some platforms (linux, Windows, HP-UX, Solaris, and Android) are available here. For … Continue reading