triops.apk – CHACHA20+KECCAK encryption on Android

In a previous post I introduced triops, a multiplatform tool for encrypting files usign CHACHA20 and KECCAK algorithms.

As the code is simple C, I’ve used JNI to port the code to the Android platform.


The Android package is available here, ready to install on your Android device.

It’s compatible with any Android version, from 2.1 to 5.1.

Please note that you’ll have to momently activate “installation from unknown sources“, as explained here.

The Java & C99 source code (& apk’s) is available here:

Important notes:

  • Note that you can employ a traditional text password, or use any file as password: for example images, pdf, office docs, etc. This file will be hashed multiple times to obtain a key for encryption/decryption. If using a file as password, please note that ANY modification or lost of that file will render any data encrypted with it COMPLETELY irrecoverable.triops.apk.file_as_password
  • As with the command line app, encrypted files are added the extension “.$#3”.
  • When closing the app, it clears its screen so no trace of operation is left when consulting “recent applications” with the square Android button.
  • In Android change file modification times cannot be touched, so it is not possible to maintain the original date/time of the files, as the command-line tool actually does.
  • As the app is compiled using JNI, libraries for armeabi-v7a, armeabi, x86 and mips processors are included in the package. The correct one will be installed by Android.
  • code for the Android file browser is a slightly modified version of ingyesid‘s simple-file-chooser.


Though the code has been thoroughly tested and checked, I must say of course that “This software is provided as-is with no particular or general promise of operation for any application“.



2 thoughts on “triops.apk – CHACHA20+KECCAK encryption on Android

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