The point of Maximum Attainable Complexity ת

What if scientific and technological progress couldn’t be sustained forever?

What if advances have an upper limit?

What if this limit could be measured… and predicted.

I’ve tried to do so in this paper.

I’m not sure if I’ve succeeded or not :)

Decide it by yourself… read it:

The point of maximum attainable complexity ת (v2.0) [pdf]


This paper proposes the idea of existence of a determinate point in knowledge and technological evolution where, due to the complexity of the tasks at hand, more evolution is not feasibly attainable, independently of the knowledge available.
I've called that moment, the point of Maximum Attainable Complexity, which will be noted with the last letter of Hebrew alphabet, Taw: ת
So we depart from the premise that the availability of the knowledge do not necessarily imply its comprehension, nor the capacity of using it – at least, when a given threshold is surpassed.
The definition do not state anything about the subjects who operate that given evolution, but following formulations state that they are individuals. Though, I recognize that it is implied that the subjects are human beings which cooperate in the social way that we do. Anyway, maybe the definition and subsequent formulas are general enough as not to exclude any other form of intelligence or way of cooperation between intelligent beings.


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